got a used book

through amazon.  was notified it was shipped mar 11, now april 1 and still no book.  so frustrated.  it s a high ranking seller too so i thought nothing of it.  i guess i will now.


4 responses to “got a used book

  1. I took an online course in web design ages ago. I ordered the book through Amazon from a well repped seller and waited and waited. I ordered the book a month in advance so no matter how they shipped, it should have been ok, but still I waited. When the course started I contacted them and they got snippy with me. I wasn’t patient enough. That was when I joined Amazon Prime and just started getting all my books new (which I hate to say as a used book seller). Finally, I complained enough to get their attention and they refunded my money. A couple of months later, I got a plain manila envelope from the Greensboro post office just as empty as it could be. And here I’ve been using padded envelopes taped up as to make any mummy proud . . .

  2. Brian–have you contacted the seller yet? They should be able to track the shipment. Did they send it via media mail? That can take a long time, but this is about the max amount of time. I’d contact the seller if you haven’t already. Bummer.

    • Yes, called and left a message and miraculosuly/astonishingly they called me back! He asked if I wanted another copy or a refund – I really want to check this book out so I asked for another copy – if I get two I am to let them know, but maybe I can do a giveaway or something on the blog. It’s supposed to be here in three days so maybe Sat or Mon.

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