on the issue of Piper and Rick Warren,

On the issue of John Piper inviting Rick Warren to his Desiring God conference, I suggest people take Trevin Wax’s post to heart.   In this post he says:

The debate over Piper’s choice of Warren reminds me of my days in an independent Baptist school. In fundamentalist circles, it’s not enough to separate from those who disagree with you (even on minor issues, like the style of music in church or which Bible translation you use). You have to go the extra mile and separate from those who refuse to separate. It’s called “second-degree separation.” For example, someone who is convinced that all Catholics are apostate would not only withhold fellowship from Catholics, but would also withhold fellowship from people who fellowship with Catholics.

The Piper brouhaha is a Reformed expression of this same phenomenon. It is a sign that there some who are pitching their tents in the far corner of the Reformed cul-de-sac, unwilling to entertain the notion that there are other people with legitimate building permits in the same neighborhood.

I agree completely and feel as though those in conservative reformed circles are drawing too hard a line in the sand.  Folks in conservative reformed circles need to realize that their view on things is not the only lens through which to interpret and understand the Bible – or the God to whom the Bible points.    It reminds me of the “Battle for the Bible” days.



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