there’s a draft

did you hear about it? 😉 t’s been going for nearly 2000 years!  Yup, the boss man himself, God our Father who is in Heaven, is calling you to be a part of his Mission in this world – the Great Commission.  It’s called Mission: Go make Disciples! Another term is Mission Possible.  For with God all things are possible!  It’s one you can’t do alone but only in community through the person of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, which raised Jesus from the dead and which lives in you!  It won’t be easy and it will be costly.  It will  require much hard work and sacrifice, humilitation, suffering – even death – death to the self.   For that is the only way the Mission can be accomplished – through hard work, sacrifce, suffering, humiliation, and death.   But what is the end result?  Life and life abundantly;  Life eternal and fulness of the Spirit, the opportunity to participate in the mission and purposes of God in this world; to see his salvation reach to the ends of the earth!

The sad thing is, the fields are white for harvest – yet the workers are few!  What about you?  Are you ready to sign up?


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