Barth’s Church Dogmatics on SALE!!

CBD has a deal (steal?) of the century going right now that if you like Barth, probably should not pass up – find a way to pay for it.

They have the Hendrickson’s Publishers edition of all 14 volumes of Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics on sale for $99!

Take it or leave it. 

I can’t take it at the moment, but you should!


2 responses to “Barth’s Church Dogmatics on SALE!!

  1. What?!? Being someone who has purchased quite a number of Barth’s other works (and has been doing a Sunday PM study of the Creed using Dogmatics in Outline)…this is a STEAL! I did notice that it included the following: “Note: As many of you know a 31vol. study edition of Barth’s Dogmatics is now available. It is important to note that Hendrickson edition is not the same as the study edition. Moreover, the Hendrickson edition does not include translations of Greek, Latin, and other languages found sporadically throughout the Dogmatics.” I’m not sure beyond the untranslated portions what other differences there are, but I will definitely do some checking. Either way these are WAY underpriced…makes me wonder exactly why they are. Thanks for the notification!


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