comment of the day

Over at Robert Cargill’s blog post about Noah’s Ark someone named Amelia Wong commented:

I don’t know how my colleagues will react when they see my comments on this blog. But mostly likely they won’t read it.

I saw the news conference on TV in Hong Kong. But before that my colleague had already told me to watch for some spectacular news on Sunday, just keep your ears open for the news. It so happens that the husband of this colleague of mine works with haha Noah’s Ark Ministries. He told all of us teachers on Saturday that they’ve found Noah’s Ark… all the stuff written on that site. Well I kind of walked out on their conversation because they were saying things like the enemy is not going to like this, they’ll be attacked on all sides so pray…
The way I see it is, no matter what you tell them, it’s not going to make a difference because by telling them the truth you’ve just sided with the devil, attacking them.
What’s more they’ve already brainwashed the people to believe only what they say by spreading “attacks from the evil one” before the news conference. Now the people are truth-proofed. Over here in Hong Kong, Christians are so well taught that no truth can penetrate their thoughts. And these religious leaders like it that way, keep their religious congregation stupid.

What’s the moral of the comment?  Don’t let yourself become “truth proofed”!

HT: Jim West

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