modern missions

the following is a prime example of modern missions that fits well within the biblical paradigm:

As an example, a missionary family I recently met, who live in an undisclosed location, the father is a specialist in agricultural development so they are utlizing that skill where they are as relief workers.  In their first term, they served the people by helping them build and develop a chicken farm and two fish farms.  In effect, in meeting their physical needs it opened up the door for them to meet the people’s spiritual needs as well. 

This is modern missions.   It meets both the physical and spiritual needs of the people involved – and is a wholistic approach to fulfillment of the Great Commission.  This needs to be practiced more widely and is why I recently advised a young person interested in missions not to go to Bible School – but to a University to get practical training such as what we see above.

Additionally, this is not to say the missionary family can’t be involved in evangelistic efforts or later on start up a Bible School/Ministry center to the benefit of the local Christians – but his expertise in acgricultural development will only that much more be of immense benefit to the people and his efforts to share the story of Jesus with them.

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