On translations (again)

Just a quick note to share that I think when it comes to the question of which Bible translation is “best” I have shared previously that I do not think there is any one best translation necessarily but that all have and serve their different purposes – purposes for which among other things should help people read the Bible in such a way as to help them come to know and understand God in a way they might not otherwise since it is primarily through the Scriptures God reveals himself to humanity – The Bible is God’s primary means of self revelation to his creation.  We also come to know and understand God and his ways through the church, the primary expression of God’s presence in the world, in obedience to the Scriptures.

That said, I think it is best for people to just pick a translation they feel comfortable with and go with it – read it, know it, take it in, live it out.  So the “best” translation of the Bible is one people will actually read.  The fuss over different bible translations can get too be too much and I think serves as a distraction to the greater purposes of what the Lord wants us to be doing in this world – that is my personal opinion.

I think the fuss over English translations while there remains not a few languages around the world that continue to go without a written copy of the Scriptures breaks the heart of God – mainly because all the fuss misses the point and detracts from the heart of God’s mission in the world – seeing his salvation to the ends of the Earth (Isa 49:6; Matt 28:19).

Personally I’d like to see a 50 year moratorium placed on updating English translations of the Bible so that all monies and efforts can be put towards supporting translations efforts for those languages yet without a written copy of the Bible (probably NT first then OT) of which there are hundreds if not thousands. 

That’s how I see it.