are you afraid of the Bible?

Henry Neufield has some most excellent thoughts about “the problem” with the Jesus Paradigm as presented in Dave Black’s book The Jesus Paradigm.  Here is a good quote:

I think we find the Bible very hard to read and apply because we’re so busy trying to avoid the overall uncomfortable message that we find it easy to get tangled up in the much more contentious details.  Somehow we’d rather argue about the appropriate method and age for baptism than to deal with the death to self that’s involved.  We’d much rather debate about styles of worship, orders of service, and the proper length for a sermon than to give ourselves wholeheartedly to God.

He’s right, we like to quibble about the details and avoid all out wholehearted consecration and devotion to God.  Why?  It’s too painful and involves death to self, hardship, suffering and changing into the image of Jesus Christ himself.   Put simply, it’s just too hard to be humble obedient servants.    We give lip service to putting God first, when will we do it?