the more I study the Bible

the more I realize the less I know about the ways of the Lord (or that I have so much to learn, re-learn, adjust, etc), I remain convinced the Bible is the primary means by which we come to know and understand God, so far as we are able in our humanity though we experience him mostly through community and fellowship with one another.  I also realize too that some things cause me to dig my heels deeper and other things I realize are too uncertain to take dogmatic stands on.  But too, the more I read the more I appreciate the grace and mercy of the Lord, they are new every morning.  Even so, I can’t say I’ve become less conservative more than less dogmatic, if that makes sense since I still land pretty squarely in the conservative evangelical camp.  Additionally, the more I read and study Scripture the less cessationist I become (never was, but I realize more the presence and power of the Holy Spirit who is at work within and among us).   It’s great to be Pentecostal – one who lives life in the empowerment of the Spirit – for he is the one who enables us to live like Christ (however that might look) as we give witness to him in word and in deed.

I also stand in agreement with what Jason put up.