do-it-yourself Christian?

I thought David at via Emmaus had a good post on what he calls do-it-yourself Christianity.  He is preaching through Galatians and this is where that is coming from.  Here is an excerpt:

Bottom line, do-it-yourself Christianity is trusting in yourself to continue what Christ has begun.  When you compare that mindset to that of the Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ, you will soon realize that such thinking is bankrupt of the gospel.  Gospel living is a life marked by daily repentance and fresh faith in the living and active word of God.  Salvation is not marked by checking a box, but is marked out by Spirit-produced fruit (cf Gal 5:22-23).  Sadly, American Christianity is rife with do-it-yourself Christianity.  It is a kind of religion that confesses Jesus, but denies his power

Ouch but right on.  I was especially convicted by some of the points he listed such as prayerlessness as evidence that you are trying to do things on your own. 

Head over and read more.


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