on missions and staying put

Dave Black linked to a blog that had the following from Craig Blomberg:

In our transient age, we need Christians from all walks of life who go to a place and stay for a long time.

I am in agreement with Blomberg, especially in the area of foreign missions – we need more people who will go to the furthest reaches of the earth, especially among the unreached places where there is little to no gospel presence and stay there among the people for a long time, if not their whole lives.  Short term missions are great and needed, but so is the need for folks to go and plant themselves in a culture and society in need of the gospel,

And the point of the blog is well taken that just because we go to a place to serve the Lord and opposition arises that we are to pick up camp and move on – there will always be opposition, and it is the steady presence and persistence of Christian living and gospel preaching that will overcome the opposition.

The need for people to stay put is also relevant to leading congregations, be it the typical pastor role or the elder lead team – it takes a long time to disciple a congregation and that can be hard to do if or when congregations are having trouble holding down a pastor or when pastors are somewhat money hungry and always looking to move to larger better paid churches.

3 responses to “on missions and staying put

  1. Yeah, I think the quote as the blogger gives it is more of a generality – I was just applying it to missions and pastoring though not as an absolute but as a general rule.

  2. This is so very true. Too many of us have U-Haul fever where we pack up and move at the first sign of trouble. That does not make for settled lives or settled Christians under our care.

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