ignorant KJV quote of the day

by a commentor “John” who put up the following drive-by comment on a post about the 2011 NIV:

PEOPLE LISTEN the niv and all other bibles are not the true translation only the kjv bible is the true bible don’t be decieved by the devil because the antichrist is comming to decieve you. The end is comming soon. The nniv as it is called is going to be worse not corrected. Zoldermens is making up storys it is man made. That is why there are so many bibles comming out. They aren’t the true bible. Any church that uses anything but the kjv bible is teaching the wrong thing. This was predicted in the kjv bible 2Timothy 4. Look for yourself.

I’ll just leave it for you all to consider.

been in So. Cal

connecting with some friends and family and getting some rest too – looking forward to connecting with fellow blogger Robert Jimenez.  I wanted to connect up with TC but he’s a bit out of our range (we have our kids and need to minimize drive time with them), I should have tried to meet up on our way down here but alas, all is well.

We’re also being treated to a day at Disneyland.  🙂

so the blogging world goes on… and so does the mission of God in this world.   Are you part of it?  I hope so.

pray with me (UPDATE)

for my brother Keith – his wife had to take him to the hospital because of sudden headaches bad enough to make him real sick (vomiting, etc) – he doesn’t have a history of migranes but he’s getting an MRI and being checked out.  I’ll keep you updated.   Blessings.


the doc says its viral meningitis (which I guess is the good one to have if you get it, bacterial is more dangerous – they figure it out by doing a spinal tap). not sure how he got it.  the latest is they will keep him overnight at the hospital then do some more blood work to get more details/information.  He has one daughter, Aleena (10 mos) who we need to pray doesn’t catch it from him.

qualifications of a pastor?

maybe it is just me or I am missing the larger picture but I thought this points by Martin Luther were different as to what are indicators of a persons calling to the pastoral ministry:


Martin Luther, the 16th-century church reformer and theologian who helped spark the Protestant Reformation, listed eight qualities that a minister must have:

  • Able to teach systematically
  • Eloquence
  • A good voice
  • A good memory
  • Knows how to make an end
  • Sure of his doctrine
  • Willing to venture body and blood, wealth and honor in the work
  • Suffers himself to be mocked and jeered by everyone


I had trouble finding these things in Scripture and I do see that the blogger who posted this noted they are culturally affected points – but I think it indicates that even hundreds of years later we can relate to these points and still assert them in one fashion or another.  One point that could be added is that “he” has to know how to dress “cool” which is the patterned button down shirt, ragged jeans (or stylish ones) and the black pointy/pointed shoes, with a little boy style mowhawk or pointy hairdo, if not instead bald or shaved.   😉