Yes, Bro Dave

AMEN, Brother.  You get a witness.  Dave Black wrote on his blog today:


10:55 AM Does anybody really notice? I’m referring to those “Unreached People of the Day” banners you see on some websites (such as Bethel Hill’s). Today’s people group is the Ad Dharmi of India. Population 1,148,000. And the number of evangelical Christians? 0.00 percent.

I’m devastated when I read that statistic. I’m upset when I compare that with all of the churches in Roxboro, NC. The church is not storming the gates of hell. We are retreating before the world. Please do not talk to me about your “need” for a new building when God has ordained for us to demonstrate Christ sacrificially to a lost and dying world. We are living in a generation of Christians that is no more the Body of Christ than a corpse is. My book The Jesus Paradigm is a plea to live as Christ would. Here’s my challenge to you: Determine right now that you will apply the principles of 2 Corinthians 8-9 to your financial affairs, both as a family and as a church family. “Your abundance should be a supply for their want,” says Paul. I urge all of us to live a lifestyle that matches our responsibility to care for our bothers and sister worldwide so that the Gospel might penetrate a lost and dying world, the Ad Dharmi included.

Can I get a witness?


AMEN Brother!!  Where are the laborers?  The fields are ripe for harvest and yet the workers remain few – so few are willing to go forth for the sake of the call, for the sake of the gospel.


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