Well, here is the latest for us.  As some know we have lived in the Grand Canyon National Park since Oct 2007 and recently learned the house (single-wide mobile home) we lived in had toxic mold – we had to move out since it was making us all sick, but especially my daughter Mercy and also Debbie after Samuel was born last August.

We moved into an apartment rented from the School District here in the part (GCNP is the only park in the US with its own K-12 system since the nearest school is 60 miles out) last October.  Our lease has ended and we are leaving the park until we have a new trailer that is clean and livable.  The district obtained one for us however we found out too late that it is a Katrina trailer which means most if not all trailers made in 2005 after the Katrina disaster had instances of too much formaldehyde and people were getting sick like they do with toxic mold.  We insisted on getting the house tested to be sure the formaldehyde levels are low and livable.

Until then we’re taking an itineration trip to Washington state (where I am from – the Renton area south of Seattle) – and then to see friends in Oregon and California over a period of two weeks – hopefully all will be well upon our return.

Pray for us – we really believe this is where the Lord has for us to be but we need safe housing to stay.

Thanks.  Blessings!


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