publication advice

a friend from seminary has written a paper on the book of Revelation and looking for publication advice: where to send papers, articles, etc.

name some possibilities.


One response to “publication advice

  1. Several of my doctoral students have published papers in major journals (or have had theirs accepted), upon my recommendation. Your friend might consider asking his or her professor to do the same for them (assuming the paper is of TOP quality).

    Good entree venues (for evangelicals) include JETS, GTJ, CTR, SWJT, and TrinJ. I began with Grace Journal, Criswell, and JETS, and from there went (up) to WTJ, NovT, NTS, and Biblica. Of course, for papers dealing with Greek, there is FilNeot (of which I am an editor and can assure you that high quality student submissions are welcome).

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