Book Giveaway: Wright’s ROSG.

Mark Stevens is giving away a copy of NT Wright’s massive work: The Resurrection of the Son of God (Christian Origins and the Question of God, Vol. 3) (Augsburg 2003).

While readers of my blog know I am not overly enamored by Wright’s work, I have heard this is a good work on the Resurrection. Wright also won Mark’s Scholar’s showdown, by one vote over his friend Gordon D Fee – who I think is a far better scholar and exegete than Wright as Wright is supposedly more a historian than a Bible scholar per se, which explains the fact that he doesn’t really “do” exegesis.

So, perhaps from a historical point of view (not an exegetical point of view – since you probably can’t really exegete historical events and realities – perhaps it will be a good read.

So, if he sends it, I will read it!

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