Bible Translations quote of the day

Stop buying different bible transaltions and start reading one of them!

Mark Stevens’ wife Beck.

That’s it, you go girl!!   Take the woman’s wisdom people,- it’s easy to get enamored or inandated or over intrigued with all this different and “new” Bible translations – it’s fine if you like Bible translations, but pick one and read it.  Read it consistently, often, and all the way through the Bible, beginning to end – then, start over with the same translation.

2 responses to “Bible Translations quote of the day

  1. BTW, it’s two for me/us: The NKJV version for family reading and devotion (yes, we do that old the Word together, just a chapter a day). And then for my personal reading – in translation, it is the NASB (both the 1957 and the Update, 95). So I find it hard myself to stay on one. (My personal confession as a Bible junkie! lol)

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