in case you wondered

I have been on a cruise to Alaska the last 7 days with my family in celebration and honor of my parents 50 year wedding anniversary – so after some 2000+ miles of cruising the Inside Passage of Alaska we have returned – Alaska is a great state and a beautiful part of God’s green earth!  My favorite stops were sailing through Glacier Bay and seeing the awesomeness of the massive glaciers and the wildlife there (though I missed seeing the six grizzly bears eating up a beached humpback whale carcass – was on the wrong side of the boat and was still getting the kids together when we heard the Park Ranger talking about it).  The other stop I liked best was Ketchikan – it’s a cool little fishing town that can only be accessed by boat or by plane.  I wasn’t too into Skagway but we did have fun going on the train up the old route to the Yukon that was the path many took in the Klondike gold rush of the late 1890’s.  That was an awesome ride with amazing scenery – one tunnel was made in the dead of winter with the temps in the -60’s.   We went whale watching in Juneau but the whales weren’t super active and it was rainy and foggy – so that might have contributed to it too.

All in all it was a good cruise and we enjoyed seeing parts of the Inside Passage of Alaska.

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