sad news: the passing of Donald G Bloesch

I learned of the sad news on the Western Seminary ThM blog run by Marc Cortez where he posted the following:

Donald Bloesch, professor emeritus at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and a longtime conservative voice for renewal in the United Church of Christ, passed away on Tuesday. Bloesch had been influential evangelical voice for over 40 years through a wide range of writings, but particular his Essentials of Evangelical Theologyand Christian Foundations series.

I first encountered Bloesch during my seminary years, and he quickly became one of my favorite evangelical theologians. I appreciated his careful thinking, his critical engagement with a wide range of biblical scholars and theologians, and his evangelical appropriation of Karl Barth’s theology. In many ways, he modeled how a committed evangelical can and should engage a broad range of theological voices. I’m sure that I’m not alone in saying that his contributions have been greatly appreciated and his voice will be missed.


This is indeed sad news – he was a good theologian and I too was introduced to him in seminary (a class on Christology) and enjoyed reading his book Jesus Christ: Savior and Lord in the Christian Foundation series.  I also have his book Holy Scripture: Revelation, Inspiration & Interpretation (Christian Foundations) which I haven’t had the chance to get into yet but am sure will be interesting to read.

8 responses to “sad news: the passing of Donald G Bloesch

  1. Fr Robert, I simply want that book! lol. I tried to get a review copy but I am not a big enough fish in the pond! Ah well, I’ll have to buy it.

    Robert, how was the Mosaic book – lots of mixed reviews on Amazon.

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