good article on healing

from one of my professors from Seminary, Ben Aker is out in the AG’s Enrichment journal – a journal sent out to all licensed and ordained ministers in the US AoG. I think it is worth reading and considering on the issue of healing in relation to Pentecost and the New Covenant.

Here is a brief comment:

It is important to note that Acts 3:1 begins with such distinction of matters and people. Flowing from the summaries of chapter 2 about the beginning of the new age of the new covenant, chapter 3 serves as a distinct model for ministry in this new eschatological age of Jesus and the Spirit.  Luke slows down and blows up a picture of one of these wonderful incidents to begin to show how believers should go about doing ministry in this new time.  Because it is the first descriptive incident in the scheme of Acts following the epochal coming of the Spirit, it becomes typical;  that is, it provides a model indicating the nature of new covenant ministry — the age of Jesus and the Spirit.  From this account we learn what God deems important.

It’s an excellent piece!  Do let me know what you think.