August 2010 Biblical Studies Carnival

is up at Jim West’s blog.

I thought the carnivals were dead, or at least it was talked about in that way (Glad they are back, they help me keep or increase my awareness of different blogs), but also I think it might be the first time EVER I made it on to one of his carnivals and with a compliment to boot!  lol!

Thanks Jim – please know I read your blog and though I know you are not keen on us Pentecostals – I appreciate  your blog and posts.  I am “listening” believe it or not (why else would I have put up posts from Bob Cargill about all the Noah’s “arkeology” nonsense? or link various articles from the Biblical Interpretation site on my Facebook page?)

One link people should read (and Jim says to not miss for any reason) is the link at the beginning in reference to an article by Ben Myers on blogging as theological discourse – it’s the reason more Christians and especially Christian leaders (pastors, teachers, scholars, etc) should be blogging.