quote of the day on evangelicalism (updated)

Given all the talk in recent years about the uncertainty of what it even means to be evangelical, see if you can guess the author of the quote and when it was made:

The religious terrain is full of the graves of good words which have died from lack of care…. and these good words are still dying all around us.  There is that good word “Evangelical.”  It is certainly moribund, if not already dead.  Nobody any longer seems to know what it means.

I’ll give one hint, it wasn’t made recently or in recent years.  I just find it interesting given, as I noted, the recent talk about the lack of meaning in evangelical.   What do you think?


Fr Robert guessed it as I think Henry did too – the quote is from B.B. Warfield from 1919 and is quoted in Fred Sander’s recent book on the Trinity (The Deep Things of God, Crossway, 2010).  So, even at the turn of the century when the term was coined, no one really knew what it was to be evangelical – so it is not a new debate.

one more thing on the Qur’an burning issue

I appreciate what brother Dave Black wrote on his blog this morning:

7:41 AM The controversy over the Qu’ran demonstrates the need for building redemptive relationships with others. Here are some thoughts on witnessing to Muslims based on my personal experience:

  • protect their dignity
  • affirm their value as persons
  • let your actions speak as loud as your words
  • become a friend
  • recognize that some will reject you
  • look for opportunities to serve them
  • allow them to serve you
  • ask questions
  • be slow to speak
  • become aware of religious barriers
  • introduce them to your family
  • refuse to argue
  • be sensitive to signs of receptivity
  • plead with God for their salvation
  • love, love, love

Remember that only the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness, and judgment. He, not you, is the real mid-wife to a newly-born saint. Allow your Muslim friends to make informed decisions based on an accurate presentation of Christianity. Effective evangelism always has content. But it never stops there. It is both “show” and “tell.”

Can you do this? I know you can! On this September 11 weekend, let’s pray for boldness and open doors. Let’s believe that God will use the witness of our serving lifestyles. Let’s bathe lost souls in prayer. After all, isn’t that what Christianity is all about?


Thank you for this reminder and word of encouragement – may all of us take it to heart.   Blessings.