the sermon: more than just preaching

it can also be expressed through art and drama and all sorts of other ways! It’s more than just the sermon that disciples people – it is involving them in the process as well allowing them to use their giftings from the Spirit to edify and lift up the body and glorify Christ – this is one reason why I believe spiritual gifts Paul mentions in his letters were first and foremost “ad hoc” lists and so do not have to be limited just to Pauline lists – their are many ways the Lord gifts his people!

Mark Stevens, Aussie pastor exemplar, does exactly this when they had “Creative Sunday” at their church where art pieces were put up and all sorts of other expressions of the congregation’s understanding of God and love for him, so far as I could tell from what Mark wrote:

Today has been a very different Sunday for our church. Sometime ago we formed a creative team to look at ways in which we could help our congregation harness their creativity and mine! I felt it was important to help people engage with certain aspects of the gospel story; whether it be Easter, Christmas or the book I am preaching through, using means other than just the sermon. I feel preachers can easily make preaching the only means by which teaching or revelation can occur.

Anyway, over the past 18 months we have had many special events and exhibitions. This morning we decided to shake things up a little and held our first “Creative Sunday”. We asked people to allow themselves to be creative around the theme of “In Christ” which has been the overarching theme of our journey though Ephesians. We had many people come forward with paintings, poems, photography and much much more. People sat at tables and served themselves communion and we planted seeds as an expression of growing together in Christ. We have installed proper photo gallery railing so that we can keep the artwork hanging in our church permanently. As the photo-slide below indicates, it was a great morning and people of all ages said how much they loved it and were touched by people’s sharing.

Well, I thought it was a great idea and so should you!  lol!  Head on over and see how things went with the slide show put up over on his blog.

2 responses to “the sermon: more than just preaching

  1. As a classic Anglican, I see the sermon indeed more than preaching, but it is always connected as both Word & Sacrament. This disjunction between Word & Sacrament was certainly not the will of Luther or Calvin. The true Church Catholic & Reformed must present both! (Acts 2:42)

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