on being an evangelical (or not)

While I realize the term evangelical is in a state of flux, I ask this in all sincerity: many Christians are evangelical, many others are not.  what is the difference?

5 responses to “on being an evangelical (or not)

  1. Evangelicals care about fighting the fights that are preoccupying Evangelicals (inerrancy, women in ministry, evolution vs creationism, heresy hunting, etc.) and non-Evangelicals could care less.

  2. The term “Evangeical” has become almost a moniker in modern so-called Christianity. To understand its meaning I think we have to look at English history, and the English “Evangeical” revival first. And herein is also that English Puritan history, which also in my opinion was much more with Wesley and the early Methodists. Now of course with the British, there is the “Open Evangelical”, which some give to even the likes of an N.T. Wright. So the meaning does have both American, British and English aspects.

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