on the book of Revelation

A friend asked what my take was on the book of Revelation. Here is what I wrote (though it is not set in stone and I am still in process of how I see and understand the book):

On Revelation, I tend to take a historic premil position (Olivet discourse mostly fulfilled by AD 70 when the Temple was destroyed) following such scholars as George Eldon Ladd, Craig Blomberg, and some of my professors at AGTS) – double fulfillment is a better direction to go in from the LB books, they are not just off, they are way off!  lol!   Revelation is a highly figurative, symbolic apocalyptic piece of literature that can’t always be taken at face value.  Reading the OT a lot will help us too since is it a mosaic of many OT and some NT passages – though I think the storyline follows Exodus.  It is a sort of second (though final) exodus.

Here is a review I did of a book called 50 ways to leave Left Behind.  I think that is one among others this is a good approach.  Sorry to keep pointing you to my blog but that is often where express my opinions or thoughts about stuff.

Then I had to write back and follow that up:

I need to follow up my last email to say that whatever the message is to the 1st cent church in the Revelation – it is the same message for us (though perhaps some slight alterations to how it might be applied) – I see the LB books as presenting an escapist view (hoping we don’t left behind) when I think the message of Revelation is one not of deliverance from tribulation but through it (though we my be removed before the fullest of God’s wrath is poured out since we as believers are not appointed unto wrath.  Reading through the letter we see it repeated several times and John gets at it in 1:9 “..your companion in the suffering and the Kingdom, and the patient endurance that is ours in Jesus.”  Throughout we see references to suffering of the saints and calls for patient endurance of the saints – whew, that’s a lot different than how the LB books present it and not a message we want to hear.  But in that is hope because we do know our deliverer is coming and redemption will come through the overcoming of evil and the triumph of the Lamb.  Here I want to not that the Petrine phrase “our blessed hope” is probably not the rapture but the visible return of Jesus seeing him coming on the clouds as we see in Rev 19 and so on.

Hope that helps some more.

Whatever the LB books say and whatever Hal Linsey says, there are no Apache helicopters in the book of Revelation!  🙂

3 responses to “on the book of Revelation

  1. “Whatever the LB books say and whatever Hal Linsey says, there are no Apache helicopters in the book of Revelation!”


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