the fatal flaw.

As much as I love my Reformed brothers and learn from them, I appreciate my fellow Arminian, Christian Historian and Theologian Roger Olsen.  He has a post about theological flaws (which i might have another post on) and in that post was the following comment, which I assume will be cast as some caricature or misunderstanding of Calvinism:

I liken the argument that God foreordained the fall so He could be glorified by redeeming the fallen world through Christ to a firefighter who sets a fire so he can be a hero by putting it out.

This is basically how I have seen the issue too.   I think some expressions of Calvinistic theology have fatal flaws in them.


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  1. I’ve started reading his blog recently and I must say he has a powerful logic to his writing.

    Recently he wrote a post entitled: Why can’t we all just admit our theologies are flawed?, which really spoke to me personally.

    Roger has also picked up on an interesting paradox within Calvinism which is the existence of heresies. You can’t claim that everything without exception is foreordained and rendered certain by God for his glory and that certain heresies detract from, diminish, demean God’s glory and rob God of his glory.

    In other words, heresies must be foreordained by God? A strange situation in which to find oneself….

  2. Glad I found your blog Brian. I really appreciated your review of the TNIV ref. Bible on Youtube, but couldn’t find a link to your site from there. I look forward to coming back and reading more.

    T <

  3. Brian,

    I would not call Reformed theology or even Calvinism “fatal flaw/ed”. It can be problematic, but such is theology and the doctrine of God. Yes there are hyper- Calvinist views, etc. But nothing we cannot work out, as some of the great minds have done…Augustine, Calvin, etc. I would even place Wesley more toward the Reformation, and Reformed towards Justification.

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