Sale on whole NICNT Comentary set

WTS Books is carrying on there sale on the whole NICNT set in conjunction with the release of the new commentary on John in that set.  Go here to learn more!   For example you could get both John and Romans for a mere $70!

I do not advise buying whole sets of commentaries – usually there is a dud and that ain’t no good so just get a couple that you know are going to be good, like the John and Romans combo I noted for just under $70!


3 responses to “Sale on whole NICNT Comentary set

  1. right, well, I hear it is that way too at CBD as well.

    I’ll be getting it through WTSBooks probably since it’ll be free – but that all depends on various people’s gracious generosity in clicking links and such… and if I get enough clicks before the sale is over…. 😉

    I trust you are well?

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