some books…

This is one new one I hope to get soon!  Really looking forward to it.

It’s high time I have a significant work on 1 Corinthians, and this one is among the best.   Though I was understanding it was being revised (mostly in the notes) so I may want to wait a bit longer.

And indeed one by the dean of scholars on Hebrews will be of much necessity.  His work should not easily be forgotten.  I have one he did in the OT minor prophets too so that is good as well.

Then of course I need a good one on the Revelation and there are just so many to consider.

Well, probably not all at once to be sure, but hopefully soon enough!  🙂



2 responses to “some books…

  1. Michaels’ NICNT volume on John has gotten quite the publicity since its release. I definitely want to get a copy. I have Morris’ volume and have found it to be quite good. I also have both Fee’s and Bruce’s volumes in the NICNT, both of which are excellent. Fee’s is 23 years old now, but still a go-to volume, though I really like David Garland’s volume on 1 Cor in the BECNT.

  2. I’ll be using Fee’s (and Thiselton’s even more massive NIGTC on 1 Corinthians…among numerous other much shorter volumes on Corinthians) for this next year’s Sunday AM series on 1 Corinthians. Fee’s volume is a real gem. I hadn’t heard they were planning updates of notes or anything (though certainly it is a bit dated now). I intend to use Bruce on Hebrews when I finish 1 Corinthians (though I’ve never used him before I’ve heard and read good things)…the same with McComiskey on the Minors. I do have Mounce on the Revelation on my eventually “to buy” list, but that will have to wait for quite some time till I get around to doing a series on the Revelation again. You’ve got some good ones listed indeed. Happy (eventual) shopping and reading!

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