3rd Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization

For those interested in things related to cross-cultural mission – Oct 16-25 worldwide mission leaders are holding the 3rd Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.   It is being held in Cape Town, South Africa – it is an invitation only event and is a growing network of some 4000 Christian leaders (from across all denominations and Christian ministries) who are solely committed to the cause of world evangelization.

The event will be live bogged (blog post will be put up daily reflecting on the conference and things said during the conference, etc) and podcasts put up.   Here are a couple of sites to follow the live blogs and podcasts:

One is with the Assemblies of God on their Ministry Direct website: http://www.ministrydirect.com/blogs/Lausanne_2010/

And the Lausanne website: http://www.lausanne.org/cape-town-2010

Finally, if you are interested, final papers for the conference are here: http://conversation.lausanne.org/en

Should be lots of good stuff!


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