$5 for 48 hrs. – A Portrait of Paul at WTS Books.

Yup, that’s right five smackers for the latest work on Paul called: A Portrait of Paul: Identifying a True Minister of Christ. You can read the introduction here.  and learn more on the product page (you can hear a sermon from the authors there too). I won’t go into the potential merits or demerits of the book.  lol!  Too bad I cannot get it right now – maybe some of you might look into getting it?

The best part of the introduction reads as follows:

Is there an ideal pastor? There is one: His name is Jesus Christ. He sets the standard for all who would follow in His footsteps. But do not forget the interwoven and full-orbed perfections of the Lord Jesus: no one was gentler than He or consumed with such holy zeal.  No one spoke with such tenderness to those in genuine need or with more bite to those who bitterly opposed the will of God.  He was a true friend of sinners and a fierce enemy of hypocrites.  He could call a child to Himself and embrace him; He could make a whip of cords and drive thugs from the temple of God. He was loved with profound attachment by His friends; He was hated with deep loathing by His enemies. At times thousands hung upon His words; He died a deserted and forsaken man.  Those who follow in the footsteps of a crucified Christ partake of His character, though always imperfectly.  Would you want such a man to shepherd you?

Well, would you want such a person to shepherd you?  I think most if not all of us would find that quite challenging.


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