blogging and preaching

I just wanted to post and let my readers and fellow bloggers (the very few who read my blog) know that I enjoy the conversations and more often than not some element of what we all (or you all) talk about end up in my sermons or teachings in one fashion or another (or at least how I understand what is being discussed) – sometimes directly or sometimes indirectly – there isn’t necessarily any one topic per se, it all just depends – some have helped me better understand the dynamics of God’s grace, that if often means favor, that God actually likes us and isn’t just tolerating us, etc).  Others have helped me better understand the message and purpose of Paul’s letter to the Philippians and even some conversations on the Revelation and even the Genesis narrative.   Even the conversations on the trinity help or get thrown in in one facet or another.  And believe it or not there was even a time I had our congregation read the Apostles Creed to begin the service!  lol!  (I want to do that more often).

So just know I may be a Pentecostal pastor but I do listen and try to learn from you all and either apply it to my own life or share it with our congregation (or those guest to the park who care to show up and join in).

Thanks for being there and speaking into my life and into the life of our congregation.


5 responses to “blogging and preaching

  1. Well, you’re the reason I’m on WordPress, and I thoroughly look forward to your posts, even if I don’t comment. I love the interaction and I learn a lot from these “conversations.”

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