New book on Ephesians – USPS edition

Remember the posts I did on Theilman’s new work out on Ephesians?  Well, Adrianna Wright of IVP saw my post and let me know she was sending me a copy of Timothy Gombis’ new book The Drama of Ephesians: Participating in the Triumph of God (IVP, 2010).  I was happily obliged to receive it!

It came on Saturday but I didn’t have the chance to post about it til now, nor have I had much time to even skim it – but it does look pretty interesting.  To be sure, it is not a commentary but more of a work from a thematic approach which I am fine with as I think these kinds of works do well to complement commentaries and such.

In fact I did notice in the preface that Gombis wants it to be a work that can bridge the gap between acadamia and the general non academic audience (Gombis earned his PhD at the University of St Andrews under the supervision of Bruce Longenecker).  I like that approach because it was written for the church and not for some echo chamber of academic scholars.  I know that sounds harsh but I think that some works can be like that when more often the academy needs to put out works that reflect solid academic scholarship but is accessible to the general audience.  This is as it should be, no?

Well, here is a description from the publisher:

Timothy Gombis has rediscovered Ephesians as a deeply dramatic text that follows the narrative arc of the triumph of God in Christ. Here Paul invites the church to celebrate and participate in this divine victory over the powers of this present age. In Gombis’s dramatic reading of Ephesians we are drawn into a theological and cultural engagement with this epochal story of redemption.

Additionally, he offers a new way of interpreting Ephesisans (from an author Q&A that came with the book):

Rather than reading Paul through traditional theological categories, The Drama of Ephesians reads the letter through the ending which is saturated with warfare imagery and rhetoric.  Rather than seeing this as some sort of rhetorically powerful tacked-on ending, it actually sets the interpretive trajectory for the entire letter and brings Paul’s argument to light.

Well now, this should be pretty interesting don’tcha think?  lol!  It different that is.  Many of us have seen it from a “Sit, Walk, Stand” approach but I think Gombis may be on to something here so it should be a fun read!


Go here to see an interview with the author!


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