Good J. Gresham Machen quote

as quoted in a book I am reading that given to me by a friend when we were down in Yuma a couple weeks ago:

The truth is that liberalism, has lost sight of the very center and core of the Christian teaching…. one attribute of God is absolutely fundamental in the Bible…. in order to render unintelligible the rest.  That attribute is the awful transcendence of God.  It is true, indeed, that not a sparrow falls to the ground without him.  But He is immanent in the world not because He is identified with the world, but because He is the free Creator and upholder of it.  Between the creature and the Creator, a great gulf is fixed.

J. Gresham Machen, Christianity and Liberalism (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1987), 62-63, as quoted in Peter Jones, One or Two: Seeing a World of Difference (Escondido, CA: Main Entry Editions), 53.

I appreciate that my friend gave this book to me – we shared with him about what’s going on here at the Canyon and it made him think this book and I guess he had an extra copy – it has helped me see that New Age Philosophy is on the way out in terms of its influence and instead warns us of the rise of what Jones calls Neopaganism.  Jones argues that “Western culture . . . is being hijacked by a spiritual ideology that I call Neopaganism” (p. 11 of the book).  Jones is effectively showing how and why this  Neopaganism is at the heart of radical environmentalism, various quests for spirituality, the more extreme elements of the social justice movement, and theological liberalism.

It’s a helpful book for me and will help me better understand some of the issues we face as we do ministry here in the Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim.   I think you might want to give it a look see yourself some time.

In essence there are only really two worldviews one can take on – the one-ism view that all is one and one is all and that through the one we can save ourselves and the creation – the old time pagan lie that began at the garden and which led to the fall of man.

Or two-ism, which is that there is the Creator and the creation and that the Creator (YHWH) is not the creation and vice versa – the God of the Christian Bible (YHWH) is the only true God and he is transcendent and apart from the creation.  He alone is to be worshiped, not the creation, which is the problem of one-ism and the neopagan belief about the world and creation.  We are not God or gods – only God is God.  If we deny the reality of the one true and transcendent God – we will fall susceptible to the lie of the devil and modern day pagan beliefs.  Plain and simple.

ps., the problem of neopaganism is why I won’t and don’t encourage people to participate in yoga.  It was predicted in the 1950’s by Carl Jung that Christians would be doing a baptized form of yoga and now we see it happening.  Sorry, not going to go there.


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