we really could use prayer support

This morning we are sharing in a service here in Globe, AZ about the ministry in the Grand Canyon National Park – we really could use prayer support from those willing to pray for us.  its been a difficult process for us to be doing itineration – debbie is sick with a real bad sore throat going on 2 weeks now (last dr visit said it was just a normal cold…), samuel is getting sick too and so they are both pretty tired. We are pretty far behind schedule with regard to raising funds for the budget we’ve been given by US Missions – despite our going about things as we were trained to do.  We should be at 50-55% by now and we are not even close – i wish i could explain it.  i know the economy is bad (and AZ is among the worst hit states) but i really do wonder if there are other things going on that are holding us back – others who started when we did are well on their way yet we lag behind.   i know it isn’t okay to compare but we need something to monitor how we are doing and at this point, with me being the ultimate pessimist, it is daunting.

The ministry at the canyon has not always been well supported and this is unfortunate – it is one of the greatest opportunities we have to reach nations – millions and millions of people come to the canyon every year from all over the world.  everyday, thousands come and see God’s handiwork in the canyon yet many refuse in their hearts to give him credit.  some do, many don’t.   Additionally, we have around 600, sometimes up to 1000 international students living and working in the park for any number of months in internships – student from areas of the world where the church has not yet been established (or not well established) – they come from unreached nations (china, mongolia, thailand, vietnam, the philippines, egypt, morraco, turkey, the ukraine, to name a few).  right here in the grand canyon national park, we have the opportunity to impact these students with the gospel in a way they will not have when they go back home.  they come to get better english skills and experience in the various areas of hospitality service in the park to build on their resume’s for back home or even in and among other nations.   Already, two guys we knew from china emailed us to thank us for telling them about God for they now believe in him!   Imagine that!

So, we need prayer and financial support (we need monthly supporters) if we are going to continue on in reaching the nations.

Pray with us!


2 responses to “we really could use prayer support

  1. Hi Brian.
    I can’t help you financially. I can however pray.
    Father God, I pray that you will grant Brian and your team peace. I pray that you will grant them wisdom to be able to say and do the right things. That you will bring Them into contact with the right connections with your people to help them financially.

    Father God I pray that you will grant them favor, grant them blessing to prosper the work that they are doing. I ask that you will lift the spirit of heaviness off Brian and instil the great empowering strength that comes from Joy.

    Bless this man of God, bless his family and the team who are ministering with him. May your light shine over, through and well up with in them. In Jesus name I pray.

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