don’t leave your books laying around

especially if you have small children…..   🙂

8 responses to “don’t leave your books laying around

  1. Taking notes already! How precious. 😉

    When my daughter was a baby she ripped two pages out of my favorite Bible. She also chewed on my pocket NT and took the gilded edges off of it. My nephew wrote on the spine of my Greek-English Synopsis of the Four Gospels with crayon. And just a couple of weeks ago I brought an extra Bible to church and let a brother sitting behind me use it only to have his youngest daughter rip out the first page of Genesis! So trust me, I share your pain!

  2. Nick, my daughter tore a page out of my coy of Stan Grenz’ systematic theology when we first moved here to the canyon…

    stephen – sorry to hear bout that! 😦

    jason, was that child working on textual criticism? 🙂

  3. children often help us to become the best theologians. By the way Brian, I am taking seriously your counsel to apply to BU School of Theology. From what I understand, they are also connected with the Methodist Church. hmmmmm…..

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