Dave Black on Why Four and only Four Gospels?

From his blog posted today, Wednesday 11/10/10,

8:22 AM Why four and only four Gospels?

We may thus sum up the relationships between the Gospels as follows:


  • Matthew was composed to meet the urgent needs of the primitive church of Jerusalem (the church set up by Peter and the original apostles), which needed a manifesto defending its integrity and its right to exist in the earliest days.

  • Luke was written at the request of Paul to meet the urgent need of his churches to have their own manifesto to prove their full equality with Jewish Christians.

  • Mark was the result of the collaboration of Peter and Paul to make sure that the spiritual and doctrinal unity of the universal church was not impaired as a result of the appearance of Luke beside Matthew in the churches of both.

  • And John made it clear that the primary objective of Jesus throughout his public ministry was the winning over of the spiritual authorities in Jerusalem.

From Why Four Gospels?

My own review is still forthcoming.