Timothy Gombis on the role of Pastors

If I had read the following from Timothy Gombis’ book The Drama of Ephesians: Participating in the Triumph of God when Robert interviewed me over on the Near Emmaus blog, I would have put this quote in there!  lol!  He writes regarding leaders in the church:

….God has given leaders to the church in order to direct its performances of of God’s triumph.  Pastors are to guide their commuities to be churches of reconciliation and unity.  Pastors and church leaders are to resist following cultural fads.  And pastors are to help churches grow up into ever more skillful communal performances of Jesus on earth.  They are to help churches “truth in love.”  pg 134.

Use this amazon link, and get the book, you NEED it!  lol!  (plus I get credit if you buy it through my link).


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