help a pastor out! :-)

the computer I have Bibleworks on is having “issues” so I am not able to use it at the moment til I can get it fixed (I am also away from my BDAG and BDB and Holliday at the moment) – so those who do have it or who are well read in the biblical languages and exegesis help me out.

I working on Isaiah 42:1-4 for this Sunday and it is quoted in Matthew 12:15-21 – my main focus will be on verse 4 of the OT text which is verse 21 of the NT text but they read differently in the NIV (not sure if they are the same in the LXX):

Matthew 12:21 of the 2010 NIV reads: 21 In his name the nations will put their hope.

The last line of the 2010 NIV Isaiah 42:4 reads: In his teaching the islands will put their hope.

Why would they go with “the islands” for the Isaiah verse?  Why “in his teaching”?  Did Matthew reinterpret the verse?  He couldn’t have possibly made a mistake could he??!! lol!

Seems kind of odd though I suppose that immediately means “the nations” in some sense.

Very interestingly, the Isaiah text of the NASU reads: And the coastlands will wait expectantly for His law;

The same in the ESV reads: and the coastlands wait for his law.

The NLT reads: Even distant lands beyond the sea will wait for his instruction.

Uh oh…. has the NIV botched this reading if the others and even the NLT got it differently?

I am intrigued by the Isaiah text in the CEV:

4He won’t quit or give up until he brings justice everywhere on earth, and people in foreign nations long for his teaching.

Well, this is the kind of stuff biblical exegesis is made of – and what students deal with in exegetical papers – figuring what the reading should be and what it means and why, etc.

So, help me work it out!  🙂