Ken Ham’s new Ark Park

is a complete joke and an outrage and in my not so humble opinion, not pleasing to God.


4 responses to “Ken Ham’s new Ark Park

  1. Why do you say that? Ken Ham might interpret the Bible differently than some folks but I believe that he’s sincere in his beliefs and that his desire is to affect people for the kingdom of God. I can see this park and his creation museum doing just that. I wouldn’t presume to speak for God, or at least, I wouldn’t assume that God would speak like me.

  2. Nick, I know I sound harsh, less than the interpretation issue I just think it’s a waste – totally my own subjective personal opinion – it’s where I am at right now in my spiritual life, I don’t think it is God honoring to build such places when things such as missions to the unreached places of the world go on neglected (esp considering verses such as Isa 42:4) due to the lack of funding to get the missionaries there – or when there is unprecedented poverty and difficulty – I can see how it can be justified… it’s how I feel right now.

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