Most embarassing book meme

Mark found an embarassing book on his bookshelf and posted it and challenged others (tagging me along with others) to post photos of their most embarassing books.  Most of mine at the moment are all boxed up but I had to find a book I needed the other day and came across this (it’s still in a box I don’t feel like digging out to get a photo at the moment):













I know, I know, isn’t it tragic?  and… I was gullible enough to actually buy it myself thinking it might be interesting.   I am still pretty ignorant when it comes to archeology and related issues but I do read Jim West’s and Bob Cargill’s blogs so I am learning to be more discerning…  like Nick I am too afraid to give it away for fear of polluting others with it.

I have had other embarassing books – too embarassing to mention here but I no longer possess those.