Dave Black is updating his NT Intro

and is asking for suggestions as to what current issues in NT scholarship he may want to be sure to highlight:

12:36 PM I’ve been asked by the publishers at B & H to consider writing an update to my introductory textbook: The New Testament: Its Background and Message.

I may have a sabbatical in the works, and if I do indeed decide to take one, I will probably make the revision of this book a top priority. So, can you tell me what you think are the most pressing issues in New Testament scholarship that I must include (or expand upon) in the revision? For sure, the NPP is one. Developments in New Testament Greek linguistics might be another. Are there any others that come to mind?


If you have any ideas it’s probably best to email him at dblack at sebts dot edu.  Plus I think he should take a sabbatical because it is always good to take one when offered.

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