on Christmas

I just wanted to write and say that I like Christmas!  Well, at least from a theological point of view – I love the concept of Incarnation – that of Divinity becoming humanity for the sake of humanity – in order to save it.  I know that there are those who are not too keen on Christmas for various reasons – but I have really be coming to have great appreciation for the meaning and purposes of the season, which is that Jesus Christ came into the world – not to condemn the world but that he might save it through him!

I like the Advent season too – I know there are those who could care less, and I can understand why.  Yet, I have come to have great appreciation for this season as well.   We know that in systematic theological terms the life of Christ broken down into segments; there is his incarnation, his humiliation, his crucifixion (Atonement), his resurrection, and his exaltation.  Taken as a whole they represent a theological understanding of the Life of Christ.  Advent doesn’t necessarily highlight the incarnation to the negation of the other aspects of Christ’s life, but instead allows for the Christian to focus on the reality and implications of the incarnation for a season, just as we do with his crucifixion during Lent and his Resurrection during Easter and so on.

It has really been affecting me.  I mean just think about it – for thousands and thousands of years the entire world lived in darkness, walking about grasping for the light yet not finding it; searching for hope. yet not finding it, desiring true freedom, yet not finding it and then:  “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned….”  Finally, in the form of a babe light has dawned; hope has been rekindled; true freedom and life is finally a possibility, even a reality.  Finally, the Salvation of the Lord has come – there is now hope for the nations, hope for all people – Jesus the light of the world has come into the world – and that light is the light and life of every man, woman and child.

That is Christmas and that is what gets me fired up about the season!

May you be blessed in this Christmas Season!