what was lost

has been found!! I thought I lost a book and couldn’t find it for the life of me – couldn’t even think where I left or how it became lost. I asked if I could have a copy for review when the author spoke at a renewal meeting in October so I was trying to figure out what I was going to do.  Turns out I went to a cool place we like to take our kids called “Go Bananas” where there are toys and play houses and such for the kids to play while the parents shop or just to give the kids an outlet.

Well, we go in and the gal the owns it (we’ve been there several times before), saw me with Hays’ book The Conversion of the Imagination (of course I’d read a little while the kids played – one eye on the book and one eye on the kids, right?  🙂 ), and asked if I lost a book?

Turns out I accidently left the book there last time we visited! Thank God – I need to read it anyways and a few other books on leadership – there have been some things bothering me about what I see being put forth for models of church leadership – but I need to do some reading to be sure I understand a few things before going off on a rant that could be misinformed or ill thought out (I’ll give one hint: I am not keen on the CEO model of leadership for pastoral ministry…).

So…. anyways, whew, what was lost has indeed been found! 🙂

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