why you should be blogging

especially if you are a pastor, bible teacher, bible/theology student or just whoever –

  • because it is a good way to put down things you’ve been thinking about with regard to the Bible or the world around us
  • its a good way to store things you’ve been working on such as ideas, ways of seeing a scripture passage or in understanding a theological concept – or in interacting with various theologians and scholars
  • its a good way to share your ideas so others can interact with them and help you in your thinking and you in theirs (as iron sharpens iron….)
  • its a good place to keep stuff you’ve been working on so when later you need to recall it, you can look it up – I wished I had a better sense of blogging when I was in seminary I had things I was thinking about and now can’t recall them or remember how I worded it and things – a blog would’ve been a great way to keep track of all that.
  • the reasons can go on and on and on.

As a case in point, I think Brian LePort over at the Near Emmaus blog has been putting out some really good posts lately and I think he’ll be glad for it.  When he gets into his PhD program somewhere in the UK – or is in a future conversation with someone about the things he’s blogged about he can pull it up to remember what he said at the time that was really good.

If you don’t have a blog yet, why not start one!