Good Interview with Luke Timothy Johnson

For those interested here is an interview with LTJ over at the Big Think website.

Interview with Professor Luke Timothy Johnson | Emory University | Big Think.

The interview is based off the question:

Your latest book indicates that creeds have been less unifying to Christians than their ways of practicing their faith.  Does this conflict with your earlier book in which you suggest that the content of our belief matters?

He takes 45 min to answer the question!  lol!  I love this guy!  🙂

HT: Ekaputra Tupamahu‘s facebook page.


4 responses to “Good Interview with Luke Timothy Johnson

  1. Thanks for linking that Brian. I finally got a chance to listen to it today and it was great. I think he’s onto something with his categories, although I think most people overlap the categories a bit while remaining predominantly in one of them. I do wonder if he thinks people can be “converted” from one category to the next. I’m looking forward to reading this book. LTJ is always very stimulating and original in his thinking (I love his book “Religious Experience in Earliest Christianity”). He definitely seems to follow his own path.

    • I hadn’t seen him speak before and I found it really engaging. glad to pass it along. I want to check out the book you mention too – I remember you talking about a time or two.

  2. Yeah he’s actually a good speaker and teacher. I had lectures he did on ancient moral philosophers that was excellent. The guys knowledge is really broad. My introduction to him was disagreements he had with N.T. Wright on the historical Jesus. He’s definitely his own person and an original thinker. Do check out that book if you get a chance (I did mention it a few times on my old blog). He actually takes a sort of history of religions approach (I think that’s what it might have been) but makes it look more legitimate and helpful

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