John MacArthur charges Bible Translators with Conspiracy (via New Leaven)

This “promo” video by the Big Mac, that TC does well to challenge, is so atrocious I really am not sure what to say….. it’s in instances like this I find it a real challenge to be gracious and kind in my words – perhaps it’s better to say nothing at all?

ps. words have usage not meanings – meanings are based on usage not derivation….. context is always king in interpretation, always.

may God help us all.

—An excerpt from video clip: "Exploring the New Testament I uncovered a distortion of truth when it came to the word δοῦλος… There has been a conspiracy to cover up a truth that is so essential to the New Testament, that without it we misunderstand our relationship to Jesus Christ." For example, of the 150 times δοῦλος occurs in the New Testament, 28 of these are spread out in eleven of Pau … Read More

via New Leaven