Craig Keener to join Asbury Seminary!

According to Ben Witherington on his Facebook page announced within the last hour…. the following was put up as his facebook status:

The big move is definitely coming— Craig Keener is joining Asbury’s faculty!

This indeed a HUGE move and a great one for many an aspiring NT Scholar!  Where Keener is at now, Palmer Seminary, there are no PhD programs.  Now, with his move to Asbury – folks may very well be able to apply to have Craig Keener as their PhD Supervisor!  Imagine that!  (not to mention that there are other great scholars at Asbury worthy of sitting under their supervision, but now Keener may be a new option to consider.  Dr. Witherington is the advanced news.  The news will probably be listed on the Seminary website in the following week or so, but for now, this is it.

Now, if you ask me, if Asbury wants to up the ante, then they need to get with the program and start creating programs to suit folks already in ministry – creating flexible distance and or modular (seminar) based programs seems to be the new wave of the future of theological education.  Debbie and I are doing ministry in the Grand Canyon National Park.  We plan to be here a while (pending our US Missions appointment) so pursuing futher education at Asbury isn’t going to work, unless they make some changes (like the programs at Western Seminary in Portland).  I know this isn’t popular with some folk but its a direction that needs to be considered.

If someone from Asbury reads this, hopefully it will be taken into serious consideration for the future of the school.


2 responses to “Craig Keener to join Asbury Seminary!

  1. Asbury Seminary offers distance learning where up to 2/3 of some degrees can be completed online. Furthermore, they offer month-long semesters and week-long intensive courses that allow for minimal time on either of their campuses (Wilmore, Orlando). Still, there are many who believe in the value of resident education/formation so they have decided not to go that track completely. The issues involved in educational philosophy make this a complex dilemma, surely!

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