got these emails

lately: this one is from a friend who is presently a PhD candidate (maybe ABD at the moment) at Harvard:

I saw the announcement on FB and the link about your books. What a nightmare. As a book-hoarder, I can only imagine.

Anyway, I have a modest list of books below that I’d like to send to you (if you’ll give me an address). Giving these books to you would really be for you, i.e., I don’t need to get rid of them necessarily, so please feel no need to take these just because I’m offering them:

Amos Young, In the Days of Caesar: Pentecostalism and Political Theology (new)
Sigmund Mowinckel, The Psalms in Israel’s Worship
Michael Coogan, The Old Testament: A Historical and Literary Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures (relatively new)
A.D.H. Mayes, Deuteronomy (commentary in the New Century Bible)
Gary McGee, Miracles, Missions, & American Pentecostalism (new)
J.B. Pritchard, The Ancient Near East (text and images), 2 vols.
R. Williams, Hebrew Syntax: An Outline
Claus Westermann, The Psalms
M. Avioz, “I Sat Alone”: Jeremiah Among the Prophets (new)
A paperback BHS, with some wear and tear
The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition (new)

There may be more, or less, but I’ll have to do some more rummaging and checking

This one from Rodney:

Via Media Mail

Bonhoeffer’s Christ at the Center

Moltmann’s The Experiment Hope & Science and Wisdom

DR Martin Luther King Jr’s The Wisdom of Dr. King & Knock at Midnight

Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective

Learning Evangelism from Jesus

Brueggeman’s The Message of the Psalms

Stanley Grenz’s Theology for the Community of God & Beyond Foundationalism & Sexual Ethics (1st edition)

Biblical Exegesis, 2nd edition by Carl Holladay and John Hayes

Marc is sending Millard Erickson and Wallace’s GGBB.

WOW, I really do appreciate all this generosity. I am going to be overwhlemed….
I really appreciate the generosity…


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