Here is the list

I made of “essentials” (how do you make that judgment since that can be so personal and varied?) of books I had that I’ll eventually want to replace:

list of books to replace in time

Some on this list may not be replacable, or available, or in different editions, or you may say to yourself “Why does he have (or want) that??!! He should have this instead!” That is fine too. lol! (or if you see something on my wish list that is “blech” – maybe I might too…) 🙂

plus, some have already offered to replace some of the books so you’ll have to do some cross referencing between the comments on the different posts. And I’ll have to delete things off the wish list as I learn of their purchase or replacement.

Your gracious generosity in wanting to help me replace lost books is nearly overwhelming, undeserved, and deeply appreciated….

Please don’t feel obligated or guilty if you can’t help. I do not place the expectation on you.

If you wouldn’t mind, giving me a click or two on my WTS Books banner will be helpful too.


also just to be sure – we abandoned the house over run my mold Oct of 2009 and lived in graciously (and amazing) provided housing until May of 2010 when the moldy house was removed from the lot – the new replacement house (which ended up being smaller but clean) and moved into that house late July of 2010 – I was being a FOOL trying to keep my books hoping the mold hadn’t affected them. Like I said, I was a FOOL. Even Leviticus tells us to destroy anything affected by mold – only the other day did I finally do what the Lord was telling me to do….


14 responses to “Here is the list

    • Thank you Dr Black. I saw your comment about internet community and I am completely overwhelmed at the gracious generosity of so many who want to send along new or replacement books – it’s all very moving and I don’t know if I’ll have the words to say thank you to all of this…

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  2. Thanks for posting this. Do you want us all to post comments on the books that we’ve sent so that others know which ones are taken care of? Or would you rather that we just email you?

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  4. I’m so attached to my little library and I read and use my books as I’m sure you do. I’m so sorry to hear this. When I first saw TC’s post I thought it was a reminder from the past. Now I see this just came about as far as the books. What a blow. It’s awful now but I pray God will provide and use it as he sees fit.

    I have some gift cert money and want to help with a book or two.

    Do you have an Amazon Associates account similar to the Westminster? I don’t see a search box or anything. If you do I’ll write a blog post and ask people to buy their stuff through your link and maybe you can get some certificate money.

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