one way to help

for free is to click on my WTS books banner to the right or click here (that could be really helpful).

also if you want to view my wish list maybe this link (Wish List) is better so it gives me amazon credits for later purchases (this is not a click deal but use this link if you want to purchase something on our behalf – a purchase has to be made to gain credit – though that is completely up to you).



5 responses to “one way to help

  1. Jason, that’s good to know! Thanks again for your gracious generosity. 🙂

    Jeff, I was out of town over the weekend, we had services in Tucson and Benson, AZ – I get how to install a widget in to my blog, what I don’t get is which search deal I have get from Amazon that will go on a free wordpress blog. If you can help me out with that it would be great.

  2. I’m sorry, I was wrong:
    “Currently, you can only add Amazon Widgets to hosted blogs. Due to security restrictions, does not allow adding widget code to their blogs.”
    I thought you could just add the text for the search code into a Text widget on WordPress. I didn’t realize the Search box is a flash Object.

    Anyway, I have gift. cert. money and am going to find something on your list. I’ll be writing to you.

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